Transfiguration and First Vows

On Sunday afternoon Sister Colleen McDermott, OP will make her First Profession of Vows as a Dominican Sister of San Rafael. She is delighted that the Gospel reading of the day

Sister Colleen McDermott, OP

from Mark 9:2-10 is about Jesus’ Transfiguration. Jesus’ disciples saw him on the high mountain, suddenly, as he truly was . . . even though they didn’t understand. All of us are also on a journey to becoming more of who we truly are . . . even though we may not be able to see it clearly or understand the process.

Sister Colleen’s profession will be one more step on her journey of becoming. A transfiguration of a sort. And we, the Dominican Sisters, are delighted that she wants to continue with us on our journey becoming more of who we are called to be.

4 Comments on “Transfiguration and First Vows

  1. Stumbled upon this page after searching for “Collen McDermott”. She had the charity to hire me into campus ministry even when, upon meeting me, I was a 24 year old in the middle of an intense year of service with a Catholic Volunteer Network program. I know I had some rough edges, due to the disparity I saw between the university where I interviewed and the homeless shelter where I’d been volunteering. I know she is a person of prayer and a great leader. I know your community is a warm and welcoming one and is made richer by her presence there. God bless you.
    (just realized you wrote this blog post 2 years ago to the day!)

    • Dear Julie, I am so very glad you stumbled upon it here. I will get your comment to her. I am sure she will be pleased to hear from you. I am glad to call her sister. Blessings, Pat

    • Julie – Thank you for the comments – even 2 years later! It was a privilege to work with you and the other campus ministers in North Carolina. I am grateful for your commitment to walking with seekers of faith and truth wherever you are. I was blessed to work with you all and bring that mission experience here with me. You have great timing – tomorrow morning, I begin a new part-time ministry at Lima Center at St. Dominic’s Parish in San Francisco where we offer hospitality during the day for people living on the streets in our neighborhood.
      Peace to you my friend,

      • Offering hospitality during the day sounds like an awesome gig. I’m sure you’ll have lots of great conversations and down a few cups of coffee during your time there. Thanks for the kind words.

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