Marveling at the Beauty of the Created

Seal Rock, San Francisco

This, then, is salvation:
When we marvel at the beauty of created
things and praise their beautiful creator.

— Meister Eckhart
Dominican Mystic

2 Comments on “Marveling at the Beauty of the Created

    • Greetings, M.M. Terry. When I was on an Advent retreat in 2012, I heard these words and wrote them down. The retreat director also had them written on a sheet, but didn’t have a source. Like you, I wanted to know the source, and when I searched online I found the reference from a variety of sources, but they weren’t the original text – they were quote. You could Google the quote. Unfortunately, I haven’t read all of Meister Eckhart’s fine works. Someday perhaps.

      In thinking about all of us being mothers of God, I think of the wisdom of the early church fathers when Mary was proclaimed Mother of God. The title actually given was Theotokus, Greek for God Bearer. May we all be bearers of God!

      Blessings to you., Pat

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