Our Small Amount of Knowledge

A Dominican mystic that Sister Patricia Bruno quotes in Stories Seldom Heard is Meister Eckhart. And it would be worthwhile to read her brief telling of the challenges he received from the Church in his day in her reflection.

One last thought: I said earlier that Eckhart loved poetry and images. So I would like to end with one of his charming, imaginative stories. Eckhart places himself in conversation with an ant.

Having lunch in a field one day, I troubled an ant with a question. I asked of him humbly, “’Have you ever been to Paris?’” And he replied, “’no, but I wouldn’t mind going.’” And then the ant asked me if I had ever been to a famous ant city. And I regretted that I hadn’t, and was quick to add, “’I wouldn’t mind, too!’” This led to a conclusion: There is life that we do not know of. How aware are we of all consciousness in this universe? Less than that is our knowledge of God. How then can we ever argue about Him?

Saint Thomas D’Aquin Fontaine de la Sagesse – St. Thomas Aquinas Font of Wisdom – painting in Notre Dame in Paris

The writings of Thomas Aquinas significantly impacted Meister Eckhart – both Dominicans.

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