On the Second Day of Christmas

From the Christmas Card of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael to you:

God’s infinite love has come to us.
God chose to become human
to teach us to live
in trust, in hope, and in love.

Counted cross-stitch by Sister Susan Marie Roche, OP
Counted cross-stitch by Sister Susan Marie Roche, OP

11 Comments on “On the Second Day of Christmas

      • Dear Florence,

        This cross stitch was created by Sr. Susan Marie Roche, and I will pass your note on to her. I am sure she will be glad to hear from you!

        Peace and all good, Sister Pat

      • Thank you so much!
        I remember Sr. Susan speaking of a Sr. Pat often, could that have been you?

      • I could say of our Patricia’s, that we are legion!! It probably was not me, because when I entered, Susie was already at Alta Bates in Berkeley. It was surely one of the many other Pats. 🙂

      • Sorry. It would have been nice to have found a close link to Sr. Susan

      • Please don’t apologize! I’m close enough – in fact across the street. 😉 I’ll talk to her soon, Florence!! Blessings!!

  1. Beautiful work of art. I am wondering if you are the Sr. Susan Marie Roche I knew @ St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stockton, CA and who then moved on to Alta Bates Hospital in Berkely, CA. Martha & I have been looking for our friend for years. We miss you SSM!

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