Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime (iPhoneography)

This last week Sister Carla and I accompanied students from Dominican University on a service trip to Tijuana. We stayed at Casa de los Pobres, served the poor there, painted a house, held a carnival for the children in another colonia, and had moving conversations with people who provide healthcare, social service, as well as with those who are served there, including a Central American couple who now live in never-never land, having been deported from the U.S. to Mexico. It was a profound experience, and we are sure it is a life-changing one for the young adults on the trip.

The picture below, taken with my iPhone, shows some of the homeless that come everyday for breakfast. The Casa used to serve lunch, but donations have dropped off in recent years. At least the 1,200 children, women, and men who come each day receive a breakfast of rice (sometimes with a little chicken – whatever is available), tortillas (sometimes bread), beans, and milky oatmeal. But most days there’s no lunch. On the lucky days, bean burritos are given out in the afternoon. The day of this picture was a lucky one, even though there was no lunch, for everyone received an apple. Fruit doesn’t arrive very often.

So as the Weekly Photo Challenge celebrates Lunchtime, let us remember all those who don’t enjoy lunch everyday. In fact, let us remember those who are so poor and far away from support systems that they are not even able to find breakfast.

Who can you remember today? And how can you help?

There won't be a lunchtime today . . . but at least a good breakfast.
There won’t be a lunchtime today . . . but at least a good breakfast.

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