Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

A cultural hub in Seattle, the Pike Place Market
A cultural hub in Seattle, the Pike Place Market

In thinking of culture, it is difficult to not think of food and how it brings us together.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

– James Beard

8 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

  1. I have observed that it is through our common needs that God brings us all together! I so miss visiting Pikes Market when I used to live in the area! Do they still have talking, flying salmon at the market? 🙂

    • How true, and the breaking of bread, in some fashion, is a common experience for us all.

      I missed the flying salmon! But I was certainly impressed by the place. As someone from the San Francisco Bay Area, I enjoyed the Seattle area. It just feels right to be surrounded by so much water!

      • now you’re really talking….SanFran! I was stationed there years ago…..the culture was just amazing! the embarcadaro, fisherman’s warf, pier 39….i was stationed over at Alameda….

  2. Your photo and remark caught me off guard. So often I hear the church say disparaging words about culture, how the world’s culture is pulling us away from God. Your photo and quote reminds me that our culture has many wonderful elements, like food and shared meals, that affirm and support life. Thanks for shifting my perspective.

    • I think the Spirit enjoys shifting our perspectives. It happens in my life all the time!

  3. Very nice photo 🙂 I recognized the name from the Starbucks coffee, Googled it, and see that the company was started at the Pikes Place Market. Cool!

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