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In All of Nature We Find God’s Initials

All animals who lift their voices at dawn sing to God. The volcanoes and the clouds and the trees cry to us about God. The whole creation cries to us penetratingly with a great joy about the existence and the beauty and the love of God. The music roars it into our ears, the landscape calls it into our eyes. In all of nature we find God’s initials, and all God’s creatures are God’s love letters to us.

All of nature burns with love created through love to light love in us. Nature is like a shadow of God, a reflection of God’s beauty. The still, blue lake is a reflection of God. In every atom lives an image of the trinity, a figure of the trinitarian God. And also my own body is created to love God. Each of my cells is a hymn about the Creator and an ongoing declaration of love.

– Ernesto Cardinal, To Live Is to Love

The still blue lake is a reflection of God

The still blue lake is a reflection of God

Posted by opreach on May 3, 2013
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  1. 05/3/2013
    Mark in Sumpter

    amen…this is why God has said there is no excuse for us to not of him…all we need to do is look at the earth and see his glory!

    • 05/3/2013

      Indeed! Thank you for your thoughtful comment

  2. 05/3/2013


    • 05/3/2013

      Thank you, Rexlin. Have a good weekend!

  3. 05/5/2013

    Dear Pat, your words and the image of the lake move me to thank you once again for sharing your love of God with us all. By the way, I was born in a Catholic orphanage called Assisi. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I’m called to read your messages. God bless you. Michele

    • 05/5/2013

      Thank you for sharing that, Michelle. I hope that you have some good memories of that time.Blessings to you! Pat


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