Thoughts on Hope – 9

bolinas_cloudsIt was a chilly, overcast day when the horseman spied the little sparrow lying on its back in the middle of the road. Reining in his mount, he looked down and inquired of the fragile creature, “Why are you lying upside down like that?”

“I heard the heavens are going to fall today,” replied the bird.

The horseman laughed. “And I suppose your spindly legs can hold up the heavens?”

“One does what one can,” said the little sparrow.

– Source unknown

4 Comments on “Thoughts on Hope – 9

  1. That is a cute story – I am sure he must have held the heavens up, even as the horseman spoke with such a hope!!! Beautiful little story and what a great photo how did you create it?

    • Well, the clouds are pretty much out of the camera. Then I used OnOne’s plugin Perfect Frames. They don’t make that product anymore, and I don’t know why. I thought it was great and had some fun effects. Have a good weekend, Keith!!! Pat

  2. Beautiful – so true. To do what one can is to be true to oneself and the world we live in. Loved the story.

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