Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

No matter the hour, this surfer certainly considers this moment to be golden
No matter the hour, this surfer certainly considers this moment to be golden

It is said that the best times to photograph landscape is during the “golden hour”, that magical time near dawn or dusk when the sun’s light adds a special magical light to all. The bright sunlight that we experience later in the day can appear a bit harsher, and the results through the camera’s eye, not quite so pleasing.

Nonetheless, there are times when the only time we have available to us to take a picture is the time we are given.

How like life!

We might think we could live a more full life . . . we could live more compassionately . . . we could be more fulfilled . . . if only . . .

If only the time was right . . .
If only we were more prepared . . .
If only we felt better . . .
If only we had the right degree, right position, right mate . . .

How many are waiting for the “golden hour” instead of seizing this moment now to live the life God called us to?

Now is the Golden Hour.

10 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

    • Thank you, Scott. I don’t know how your comments ended up in spam since you are a WordPress blogger. So it took me a little while to respond. Take care! Pat

      • Pat this seems to be happening quite a lot recently – your posts very often ring true with – you have a lovely consistent blog

  1. This is an awesome shot! I love it! Absolutely awesome. One of the best I’ve seen for the challenge. Great job πŸ™‚

  2. Like many artists before me, I am addicted to the magical glow of the early morning or late evening sunlight known as the β€œGolden Hour.” Masters like Corot and Inness made great use of the Golden Hour in their paintings, and I’ve spent most of my time as a painter trying to capture the beautiful light and colors from these transient, magical moments of daylight.

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