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Celebrating Nature through the Lens

From the time I first picked up a camera, I have celebrated nature through my lens. And nature has responded by teaching me some extraordinary lessons.

– Dewitt Jones

Celebrating Sunrise at Chrissy Field

Celebrating Sunrise at Chrissy Field

Posted by opreach on August 9, 2013
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  1. 08/9/2013

    Wow what a beautiful shot Pat, have a great weekend 😀

  2. 08/9/2013

    Reblogged this on Lavender Turquois.

  3. 08/9/2013

    Beautiful Pat, sunsets I rarely see! For you to post them is a rare treat.

    • 08/9/2013

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it. This spot is great for both sunrises and sunsets. When I lived in San Francisco, I made it a habit to carry a small compact camera when I went for my walks. Sometimes I got lucky!! Have a good weekend!

      • 08/9/2013

        Sorry meant to say sun rises, I have lots of sunsets. My favorite time of day! Your rising is gorgeous!

      • 08/9/2013

        Thank you, sleepy-head! 🙂

  4. 08/9/2013

    Nice these clouds – always capturing our attention. Nature is a great teacher – as I have heard said, Nature is the original Bible!

    • 08/9/2013

      Thanks, Keith. I’ll be celebrating clouds again tomorrow with the Weekly Photo Challenge theme. Have a good weekend!


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