Getting Perspective

I’ve learned to time things so that I am driving with a beautiful sunset off to the west as I drive home. It calms me. It gives me perspective. I think, “There is a hideous traffic jam in front of me. There are trucks on either side of me. This is a mess and I can’t believe any good will ever come of it. But look at that phenomenal sunset! Look at those clouds. Look at the reflection on the mountains. Look at how it makes the snow sparkle on the mountains.” It puts things in context.

JoAnn Valenti

Sunset adds such perspective . . . if we notice it
Sunset adds such perspective . . . if we notice it

10 Comments on “Getting Perspective

  1. When I lived in a city prone to traffic jams, I kept a bubble maker in the car. In addition to my being able to delight in the iradescent orbs, I thoroughly enjoyed watching human nature at work in the passengers of nearby cars – kids’ delight; some adults’ humor; some adults’ intentional non-engagement; and some adults checking out my mental sanity!

  2. The photo reminds me of a modern comic illustration – great perspective. I love how, in this photo with it’s low horizon, nature really does put the man made bridge in perspective – to me anyway! Much like as described in the quote!! Really an excellent photo!

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