Uncontrollable Nature

Nature just, “is.” It cannot be controlled. People can mess around with it. They can interfere with it. They can pollute it. They can damage it. They can degrade it. But they can never really control. it. The sun will rise every day. The sun will set every day. Those mountains will be there whether you look at them or not. Nature is there, even when you don’t ask it to be. It doesn’t demand anything from you. It just is, and all you have to do is experience and appreciate it.

– JoAnn Valenti

Nature - in all its uncontrollable splendor
Nature – in all its uncontrollable splendor

4 Comments on “Uncontrollable Nature

  1. Parts of thie description of nature could be describing Grace!! Beautiful water lily and I love the frame!

    • Indeed. Grace is uncontrollable.

      The frame is an OnOne plugin, PerfectFrame. They don’t make it anymore, but they say they plan to make it part of their suite in the future. I love using it!

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