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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View

The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective.
– Al Neuharth
Mt. Whitney is definitely not a molehill (at 14,505 feet). But from this perspective at Trail Camp (@12,000 feet), it is difficult to perceive that it really is that tall. And for me, ten years after the backpacking trip, I can no longer recall which peak is which, from the angle I was standing at Trail Camp. It all depends on where you stand, what and how you see.

How like life! It isn’t that I sometimes see “wrong”, but that I need to look from a different angle, or perhaps from the perspective of someone else. It can make all the difference.

From where you stand - from where you sit, how tall does this look to you?

From where you stand – from where you sit, how tall does this look to you?

Posted by opreach on September 10, 2013
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  1. 09/10/2013

    Awesome shot Pat I love the black and white, very well done 😀

    • 09/10/2013

      Thanks, Joe. I took the picture with a disposable camera – didn’t have a digital back then – and the colors of the print were off, and pretty much uncorrectable without serious coloring. So I used Nik Silver Effex. I thought this “filter” a nice option. Glad you like it! Pat

  2. 09/10/2013

    Did this a couple of months ago and the hike up trailcrest was just discouraging hahaha

    • 09/10/2013

      Those 99 switchbacks are killers, but it is quite a view from up there! I understand the solar toilets at Trail Camp don’t exist anymore. What fun!!!


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