Happy All Hallows Eve

This tree may look dead, but it is just waiting

What truths can we take from Halloween? First of all all faiths and all cultures honor their ancestors – those who have gone before them. So while the ghosts and the goblins (along with whatever is in fashion this year) take a moment to honor and be grateful for the customs and the lessons that  your forebears gave to you. On this Eve of All Saints Day, this All Hallows Eve, we hallow the memory of all the saints, including Grandma and Grandpa and the legacy they left behind. It is good to also remember the struggles they overcame (and those they didn’t) so we can learn from their lessons and mistakes.  Remember their goodness, their love, and their words.

Halloween is a time for us to reflect on the gifts our loved ones have left us. May we never forget them. And as we remember, we celebrate life.


2 Comments on “Happy All Hallows Eve

    • Thank you, John. I always appreciate this liturgical calendar that we share. It so closely resembles the earth’s calendar that follows the seasons of this beautiful creation. Blessings! And may your All Hallows Eve be full of fun . . . and not too scary! 😉 Pat

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