Maya Angelou on Gratitude

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

– Maya Angelou

"A Thing of Joy" by Sister Adele Rowland
“A Thing of Joy” by Sister Adele Rowland

Sister Adele, though not doing photography work presently, continues to graciously offer her gifts with a spirit of joy. And we are all blessed by her work and her cheerful disposition. She has been an inspiration to many, including me. Her Counterpoint Images were created by combining two images from slides, long before the advent of Photoshop. Sister Adele was first American photographic artist working exclusively in color photomontage as a fine art. And as a Dominican sister her work as a photographer was the work of a Preacher. She said, “Counterpoint Images are meant to evoke ultimately somoe of the mystery and joy about the complex nature of reality and awaken in the viewer fresh perceptions and the dimension of the divine.”


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