Resurrection – The Great Turning

Shall I be part of the great turning, or will I simply sit it out on the porch?
Shall I be part of the great turning, or will I simply sit it out on the porch?

Cosmic change is not cosmetic change. It is radical, meaning ‘to the root,’ and it will mean the upheaval of our cherished customs and the disposal of stories that have provided the basic framework for our lives. We must not underestimate the enormity of what is being asked of us, even as we celebrate with joy the new and salvific. In its initial moments resurrection is indistinguishable from death. At first we are unable to see the great turning that has taken place. All that has been comfortable, all that has held us in place is gone, and there is nothing recognizable to stand on. Everything on which we have planted our feet is swept away.

– Judy Cannato

3 Comments on “Resurrection – The Great Turning

  1. Thanks again Pat! When I saw your picture I immediately saw the rockers as left by those who were taken, not a place to sit for those who do not want to go! Isn’t that interesting how our heart always is part of our eyes? That is the glory of sharing pictures too, I get to see more than my eyes and heart already have seen!

    • What a wonderful perspective, Solveig. We can see with the eyes of our heart best when it is unclouded and open. Like yours!! Thank you for sharing, Pat.

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