Finding a Space for Silence

Let us leave a little room for reflection in our lives, room too for silence. Let us look within ourselves and see whether there is some delightful hidden place inside where we can be free of noise and argument. Let us hear the Word of God in stillness and perhaps we will then come to understand it.

– St. Augustine


2 Comments on “Finding a Space for Silence

  1. It seems contradictory to say that there is a sound to silence,
    but there is, and it can be overwhelming. Silence can be found in
    the stillness of the heart – searching for it need not be a big deal. One need
    not search out the nearest monastery in order to find it. Silence can come to
    us on a walk; it can come when hugging a dog (or a cat); it can come
    when preparing a meal, but we need to allow it into our lives. Its presence
    is not to be feared. Silence is a gift which enables us to weed out that which
    is extraneous so that what is beautiful can be seen more clearly.

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