Wisdom Right before our Eyes

For the month of September, the subject will be Wisdom.

Guidance streams through the whole of creation, and in any moment we can recognize the form it is taking right before our eyes.
– Patricia Campbell Carlson – sister of Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB


3 Comments on “Wisdom Right before our Eyes

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  2. What an exciting find! PEACE! HOPE JOY From Sister Mary Ellen Paulson, O.P., Racine Dominicans Poet, Retired Educator with 62 years as teacher, principal, superintendent, school psychologist, spiritual mentor; from 1984 – 2010, subbed every day in Milwaukee Public Schools. Have been in every Grade from pre-school through teacher training. Am living with loads of THANKSGIVING – that’s my present mission. Tell me where is the email coming from? Sister Pat Farrell was in Racine for the July DOMINICAN Institute of the Arts; what fantastic photos! Wasn’t OPreach from the West, also in DIA? Please straighten me out; you’re wonderful! THANKS

    • Hi Mary Ellen.

      Yes, I am Pat Farrell, the Director of the Dominican Sisters Conference, and I was in Racine for DIA. I am glad you enjoying the photos. I am from the west, a San Rafael Dominican, though I presently live in the Chicago area.

      OPreach has always been my photo blog, and I had some of my cards on display in Racine.

      I think that Living with loads of Thanksgiving is a great mission!!! So glad that is what you are living!

      Pat 😀

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