Suggestions for Committing Random Acts of Kindness

Surprised by Beauty
Surprised by Beauty

Have you ever been surprised by love? Surprised by beauty? Surprised by kindness? It is always a good time to share that kind of loving surprise with others. Here is a short list of ways to commit random acts of kindness. You could probably add to the list!!

~ The next toll booth you come to, pay for a car behind you.

~ Send a thank you letter to a teacher you once had, letting him or her know the difference the teacher made in your life.

~ Ask an older person to tell you a story about his or her youth.

~ Order a mail order gift anonymously for a friend or co-worker.

~ Give another driver your parking spot.

~ Let someone merge ahead of you, smile and wave at that person.

~ Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, thanking the boss for having such a great employee.

~ Praise the work or attitude of a co-worker to someone else in the workplace.

~ Write a note to the owner of a house or garden in your neighborhood whose beauty gives you pleasure.

~ Say, “I love you” to 20 people for whom it’s true.


– Source unknown

2 Comments on “Suggestions for Committing Random Acts of Kindness

  1. You are fantastic and you know it! Thanks by the truck-loads. This entire process is awesome. Are you coming to the DIA in Adrian, Michigan next July; we missed you in Racine this year.
    PEACE! HOPE! JOY! for always, but especially during the coming month of November.
    If you can check the Racine Dominican website under PREACHING – Pray Practice Preach
    PRACTICE. Take gentle good care of yourself; you are in our prayers. sme – Sister Mary Ellen Paulson, O.P. and Sister Paula Marie Jarosz, O.P.

  2. Thank you, Mary Ellen and Paula Marie. Actually I was there in Racine this summer. Sorry that we didn’t get properly introduced. I’m not sure that I’m able to make it this coming year to Adrian. It looks like I have a calendar conflict. Blessings to you! Pat

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