Wednesday of Hope – What Is Defeat?

What is defeat?…Nothing but the first step to something better.

– Wendell Berry

When I hiked Mount Whitney with my friends Abby and Carolyn, we did not make it all the way to the tippity-top. We made it to Trail Crest at 13, 600 feet, and according to some of the guidebooks, you can claim the mountain at this point because you made it up the 97 switchbacks (starting about 11,000 feet), and is arguably the most spectacular vantage point of the entire Mt Whitney Trail. Nonetheless, one can feel a bit disappointed in not making it all the way, rather than rejoicing in the accomplishment of this tremendous hike.

So let’s not be defeated by what we cannot do, but let us do what we can and not give up. Be steadfast.

Mt. Whitney still inspires me. It is a beautiful mountain.

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