Wednesday of Hope – I Do the Dance – I Must

Part of the Symphony I serve. I do the dance I must. I plant trees, but I am not the doer of this work. I am the facilitator, the instrument—I am one part of the symphony. I know there is an overall scheme to this symphony that I cannot understand. In some way, we are each playing our own part. It is not for me to judge or criticize the life or work of another. All I know is that this is my dance. I would plant trees today even if I knew for certain that the world would end tomorrow.

– Balbir Matbur, Heron Dance Interview (Issue 11)

2 Comments on “Wednesday of Hope – I Do the Dance – I Must

  1. I’ve been there too. Such a peaceful place. Thanks for sharing and letting me walk down memory lane 🙏🏼👍🏻🤗.

    • It’s one of my favorite places, that and the Morton Arboretum. The Botanic Gardens membership is one of the best self-care purchases I could have ever made!

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