The Power of Transfiguration – God’s Transformation

Happy Easter!

“As I sat quietly in the garden, I realized the power of transfiguration—of God’s transformation—in our world. The principle of transfiguration is at work when something so unlikely as the brown grass that covers our veld in winter becomes bright green again. Or when the tree with gnarled leafless branches bursts forth with the sap flowing so that the birds sit chirping in the leafy branches. Or when the once dry streams gurgle with swift-flowing water. When winter gives way to spring and nature seems to experience its own resurrection.”

– Desmond Tutu, “Chapter 1: God Believes in Us” in God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time

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2 Comments on “The Power of Transfiguration – God’s Transformation

  1. Thank you queridas! These daily reflections are so very grounding! Happy Easter Monday!

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    • How nice to hear from you, Eileen, and I’m glad these work for you. I trust you are well. All of the sisters here in San Rafael, and the people who work with us, have been vaccinated. So we were able to Easter this year a bit more freely. Hope to see you one of these days! Pat

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