Transforming Hatred to Love

May those whose hell it is to hate and hurt be turned into lovers bringing flowers.

– Shantideva

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3 Comments on “Transforming Hatred to Love

  1. Dear friends, thank you for sending me these reflections ā€“ I have enjoyed them over the years. I would not like to opt out please. With kind regards ā€“ Sr Mary

  2. Dear Pat Farrell,
    This morning I saw a blue Oregon cedar putting out new blue tips over last year’s dull colored growth. It is on the path on the Meadowlands’ lawn on the side close to Palm Ave. I thing you might use a “snapshot” of the tree in this Spring with a quote that would be apropos.

  3. Indeed, I would. And, alas, I am here in the City! If I can get by there on Wednesday, and it is still there, I will try. Thanks for checking in, Anne! Love, Pat

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