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Culturing Your Garden

Silence is the garden of meditation.

– Ali, Maxims of Ali

From the Garden

From the Garden

Where Is Your Altar?

Everywhere, wherever you may find yourself, you can set up an altar to God in your mind by means of prayer.

– The Way of a Pilgrim, author unknown


To Pray

To pray is to take notice of the wonder, to regain a sense of the mystery that animates all beings, the divine margin in all attainments. Prayer is our humble answer to the inconceivable surprise of living. It is all we can offer in return for the mystery by which we live….

Amidst the meditation of mountains, the humility of flowers wiser than all alphabets–clouds that die constantly for the sake of God’s glory–we are hating, hunting, hurting. Suddenly we feel ashamed of our clashes and complaints in the face of the tacit glory in nature. 

– Abraham Joshua Heschel, from Quest for God

Taking notice of wonder

Taking notice of wonder

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.
― Marcel Proust

Sometimes it's difficult to even imagine things as they were.

Sometimes it’s difficult to even imagine things as they were.

Pray Your Distractions

The crowded bus, the long queue, the railway platform, the traffic jam, the neighbor’s television sets, the heavy-footed people on the floor above you, the person who still keeps getting the wrong number on your phone. These are the real conditions of your desert. Do not allow yourself to be irritated. Do not try to escape. Do not postpone your prayer. Kneel down. Enter that disturbed solitude. Let your silence be spoiled by those sounds. It is the beginning of your desert.

– Alessandro Pronzato in Mediations on the Sand

This is an artist's mediation "on the sand" or the beach at Bolinas

This is an artist’s mediation “on the sand” or the beach at Bolinas

What is Prayer?

Prayer begins at the edge of emptiness.
– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel


A Simple Prayer


Eternal Spirit — Earth-Maker, Pain-bearer, Life-giver; source of all that is and that shall be; Father and Mother of us all. Loving God, in whom is heaven. The hallowing of your name echoes through the universe!
– The New Zealand Prayer Book