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O Adonai – O Lord

Probably this is as close as I'll ever come to a burning bush

Probably this is as close as I’ll ever come to a burning bush

O Adonai and Leader of the House of Israel, you appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning bush and gave him the Law on Sinai. O come and redeem us with an outstretched arm.

-source of translation unknown

O Lord, come!

O Lord, come!

More on Kindness

Every act of kindness, courageously offered, however small, is a small flower sown in a field of peace.
• Wayne Muller in Learning to Pray


Prayer Is an Act of Hope – An Act of Faith

May our spirits be lifted with our prayers, no matter the season

May our spirits be lifted with our prayers, no matter the season

A Holy Thursday Prayer

Pray, even if you feel nothing, see nothing. For when you are dry, empty, sick or weak, at such a time is your prayer most pleasing to God, even though you may find little joy in it. This is true of all believing prayer.

– Julian of Norwich

Prayer is Hope in Action

To clasp hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.

– Karl Barth


Yesterday’s photo, but with a suggestion of just how we might redeem our cities. Hope in action!

Prayer Is Energy


Prayer is energy, the energy of love and transformative power. It is given to us to use for the good of all creation. In prayer God gives us the fuel of life, and asks us to live it.

Margaret Silf in The Gift of Prayer

On the Third Day of Christmas

A Christmas Wish

And then all that has divided us will merge
And then compassion will be wedded to power
And then softness will come to a world that is harsh and unkind
And then both men and women will be gentle
And then no person will be subjected to another’s will
And then all will be rich and free and varied
And then the greed of some will give way to the needs of many
And then all will share equally in the Earth’s abundance
And then all will care for the sick and the weak and the old
And then all will nourish the young
And then all will cherish life’s creatures
And then all will live in harmony with each other and the Earth
And the everywhere will be called Eden once again.

– source unknown


A Dominican Mystic’s Prayer

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

I’ve shared this prayer from the Dominican mystic, Meister Eckhart, before. And it bears repeating.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.