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God Offers the Beauty of the Sunset to All of Us, without Distinction

Tuesday’s Gospel reading is from Matthew 5:43-48. Jesus said to his disciples: “You have heard that it was said, You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. This will prove that you… Continue Reading “God Offers the Beauty of the Sunset to All of Us, without Distinction”

Look At the Moon

When you look at the Moon, you think, ‘I’m really small. What are my problems?’ It sets things into perspective. We should all look at the Moon a bit more often. — Source Unknown

Top of Gold HIll

From tomorrow, Monday, June 10th to Sunday, June 17th I will be on retreat at Santa Sabina Center. This morning I went on a hike up to the top of Gold Hill; there is a Nike Tower at the summit. It’s about a 2… Continue Reading “Top of Gold HIll”

Marveling at the Beauty of the Created

This, then, is salvation: When we marvel at the beauty of created things and praise their beautiful creator. — Meister Eckhart Dominican Mystic

Fill Us at Daybreak with Your Kindness

Today’s Responsorial Psalm is from Psalm 90. May we, not only at daybreak, but everyday, recognize the kindness with which our God fills and surrounds us. May our eyes be opened to God’s beauty, and our hearts, by God’s love. In every age, O… Continue Reading “Fill Us at Daybreak with Your Kindness”

Flowers, Grass, and a Few Thistles

Wednesday’s first reading is from the first chapter of First Peter. “All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flower of the field; the grass withers, and the flower wilts; but the word of the Lord remains forever.” This is the… Continue Reading “Flowers, Grass, and a Few Thistles”

Heaven and Earth are Full of God’s Glory

Wednesday’s Responsorial Psalm is 148. And there couldn’t be one that is more glorious and uplifting! Praise the LORD from the heavens; praise God in the heights. Praise God, all you angels; praise God, all you hosts. R. Heaven and earth are full of… Continue Reading “Heaven and Earth are Full of God’s Glory”

Everything We Do Is Sacred

Among the poets I enjoy reading is Hafiz. Today I share his poem, “Now Is the Time.” Now is the time to know That all that you do is sacred. Now, why not consider A lasting truce with yourself and God. Now is the… Continue Reading “Everything We Do Is Sacred”

God’s Glory is above all the Earth

In today’s Responsorial Psalm (Ps. 57) we read, I will give thanks to you among the peoples, O LORD, I will chant your praise among the nations. For your mercy towers to the heavens, and your faithfulness to the skies. Be exalted above the… Continue Reading “God’s Glory is above all the Earth”

God’s Creation Gives God Thanks

From today’s Responsorial Psalm (Ps. 145), we read: Let all your works give you thanks, O LORD, and let your faithful ones bless you. Let them discourse of the glory of your reign and speak of your might. While these flowers in San Rafael… Continue Reading “God’s Creation Gives God Thanks”