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What Might I Become?

May I become an island for those seeking dry land
A lamp for those needing light,
A place of rest for those who desire one,
And a servant for those needing service.

–  Shantideva, “May I Become an Island”


May I become a lamp

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Flowers and unripe berries foreshadow the luscious blackberries

Flowers and unripe berries foreshadow the luscious blackberries

What we are today foreshadows what we will be in the future. According to Carl Jung,

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

For some reason, we human being struggle with that, We often try to be other than who we truly are. I noticed while on retreat last week as I plucked the wild blackberries that grew everywhere, how lovely they were as tender pink flowers. And I saw their promise as unripe green and red berries. Finally, when they got to their fat black lusciousness, they tasted so sweet. The berries (or pre-berries that foreshadowed them) were satisfied to be in whatever state they were in there becoming. May we become who we truly are as gracefully (and as tastefully) as they.