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We Are a One-Day Dandelion

“We are so brief. A one-day dandelion. A seedpod skittering across the ice. We are a feather falling from the wing of a bird. I don’t know why it is given to us to be so mortal and to feel so much. It is… Continue Reading “We Are a One-Day Dandelion”

Mutual Responsibility

“If everything is connected to everything else, then everyone is ultimately responsible for everything. We can blame nothing on anyone else. The more we comprehend our mutual interdependence, the more we fathom the implications of our most trivial acts.” – Laurence Kushner, Invisible Lines… Continue Reading “Mutual Responsibility”

Surprised by Enchantment

Occasionally we will be overwhelmed, but mostly we will be enchanted. – Jean Houston

A Lenten Mantra

Today is the Second Sunday of Lent. In today’s Psalm, we respond with the words, “The Lord is my light and my salvation.” What better words to repeat?! What better mantra can we find than to remind ourselves of this truth?

Thoughts on Hope – 10

Hope is essential to generate the needed warm temperature and loving atmospher required to ensure that the forces of cynicism, greed and violence do not suck the life out of the divine dream a-birthing in you. – Edward Hays