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Wakening to Oneness – Right Here, Right Now – This Very Atom

The material of the doomed stars and the material of my doomed body are actually the same material. Literally the same atoms… It is astonishing but true that if I could attach a small tag to each of the atoms of my body and… Continue Reading “Wakening to Oneness – Right Here, Right Now – This Very Atom”

Reach for Hearts

The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise. – Maya Angelou

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

As Epiphany approaches, I offer this prayer: May this holy season be for each of us A time of moving beyond what is “reasonable” And toward the star of wonder; Moving beyond grasping tight to what we have To unclenching our hands and letting… Continue Reading “On the Tenth Day of Christmas”