The Earth, the Seas, the Rivers, the People . . . are God’s

Friday’s Responsorial Psalm is from Psalm 24.

The Lord’s are the earth and its fullnes;
the world and those who dwell in it.
For God founded it upon the seas
and established it upon the rivers.

Stinson Beach . . . morning fog

2 Comments on “The Earth, the Seas, the Rivers, the People . . . are God’s

  1. Pat, I love your website. I found it totally by accident as I was searching for something else. It combines three of my favorite things: Dominican preaching, photography, spiritual reflection.
    I read in one of your posts that you are at St. Dominic’s in SF. Funny,I automatically think “2390 Bush St.” when I hear that. Is it the same St. Dominic’s? My uncle, Fr. Paul Duffner, OP served there when I was growing up, and the address has been etched in my memory ever since.
    Thanks for your creative preaching.
    Margaret Ann

    • Thank you, Margaret Ann, for your comment. Indeed, St. Dominic’s is at 2390 Bush Street; the convent is on Bush Street. I don’t live there anymore; I live in San Rafael at St. Margaret Convent. I sometimes miss “the City”, yet it is beautiful here, especially in the autumn. I remember hearing the name of Father Duffner, but I never met him. I was principal at St. Dominic School . . . was there for seven years, and continued to live in the City after I started in vocation ministry. I love “pulpit” preaching, but this may become an even more effective means of preaching . . . to many. Please say hello to Rebecca Ann, Kathlyn, Kathleen, Barbara, and Rose Marie for me. Thanks again. Pat

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