Where Do You Find God?

Door of the Duomo (cathedral) in Siena, Italy

In Saturday’s Responsorial Psalm (Psalm 122), the psalmist declares:

I rejoiced because they said to me, ‘We will go up to the house of the Lord.'”

We so readily recognize churches and cathedrals as houses of God. But where might we find God besides in buildings of wood and stone? Are there places where we would find God more often than our weekly trip to church? Are there places that God might feel more comfortable? Places that are not so unapproachable?

9 Comments on “Where Do You Find God?

  1. Though I greatly appreciate having a place for worship, I sometimes think the Israelites’ traveling tabernacle/tent is a better symbol for God being with us in all of life. We probably need both, secure harbors, but also mobile rescue tents.

    • I like that: ‘mobile rescue tents”!! Part of our Dominican history is itinerancy . . . we are one of the “mendicant” orders. But the sisters pretty much stay put these days. We could use a little more itinerancy to keep us fresher. Blessings on your preaching this weekend. And thank you for sharing my link.

  2. Lots of religious people do not realize that God is omnipresent, eternal, infinite, and always within, above and all around them. Certainly some religious worshipers sincerely believe that they have to “ask God to come into their heart,” but God already is in your heart. Certainly some religious worshipers sincerely believe their are certain places or objects or icons that are “holier” than all others, but that which is holy is within all. I would recommend reading The Nature of God, at http://messenger.cjcmp.org/natureofgod.html .

    • Yes. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps because we find it so comforting to be “at home” and “safe” in our houses, we think God needs a home too. It’s interesting that when David wanted to build a house for God – a temple – God, through the prophet told him not too. We are embodied people, so it is a natural response.

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