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We Chose to Look Toward the Light

In our Advent, we choose to look toward the Light

In our Advent, we choose to look toward the Light

I found the following Advent Prayer on the Education for Justice website.

The Winter Journey of Advent

In this time of darkness,
We choose to look toward the Light.
In this time when so many suffer,
We choose faith, not despair:
We choose the work of compassionate justice.

As we move through Advent together,
Hungry for transformation, for hope,
Our steps themselves
Transform us, nourish us.
We are on constant pilgrimage,
Moving to the heart of things,
Reaching beyond what any one of us
Can reach alone.

The brightness of the incarnation
Guides us as we continue,
With the promise of the Prince of Peace
As the bright star in these dark nights.

-Jane Deren

Posted by opreach on December 19, 2012
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  1. 12/19/2012

    wonderful words Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year

    • 12/19/2012

      Thank you, Scott, and the same to you! Pat

  2. 12/19/2012

    What a stunning photo!!!! The colours, light – just perfect – has a moodiness about it – I just Love it! The poem too – wonderful – makes me think of the advent being like the preparation for our pilgrimage with Jesus to Jerusalem and transformation!

    • 12/19/2012

      Thank you! I am so glad you like it and is helpful in your advent journey. Blessings! 😉

  3. 12/20/2012

    Gorgeous shot!!!


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