May Our Lives Bring forth Christ in our World

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We are all meant to be mothers of God. What good is it to me if this eternal birth of the divine Son takes place unceasingly, but does not take place within myself? And, what good is it to me if Mary is full of grace if I am not also full of grace? What good is it to me for the Creator to give birth to his Son if I do not also give birth to him in my time and my culture? This, then, is the fullness of time: When the Son of Man is begotten in us.

– Meister Eckhart, 1260-1328, German Dominican Mystic

6 Comments on “May Our Lives Bring forth Christ in our World

  1. lovely quotation. Do you happen to know where it is found in Eckhart’s works? I find lots of sentiments like it, but not these words.

    • Thank you, Mike. I heard these words while I was on an Advent retreat last year. I found them very profound. Even though I am a Dominican, I have to admit that I have not read through all of Eckhart’s writings. I just now went online and found the reference from a variety of sources, but since I don’t have the books that they are quoting, I don’t have the original source. And as these things go, I believe there are variations in the wording of the quote, remembering that Eckhart’s language was German of the 13th century. I am glad you stumbled upon it, and I hope that the Master’s words enrich your Advent and Christmas prayer. Blessings of this beautiful season to you, Mike. Pat

      • Thanks. it looks like you did the same web searches that I did. it’s a very popular quote and consistent with what I am finding in his works. Happy Christmas.

      • There are a couple of books quoted. Perhaps the source is listed in the references, though I didn’t see a footnote. I guess no one worries about an author who’s been dead for nearly 700 years to fuss over such things. 😉

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