A Sick Person’s Complaint

bolinas_december_2008_338Today’s Lenten poem from Education for Justice is by Edward Caswall.

A Sick Person’s Complaint

Hail holy Sacrament,
The worlds great VVonderment,
Mysterious Banquet, much more rare
Then Manna, or the Angels fare;
Each crum, though sinners on thee feed,
Doth Cleopatra’s Perl exceed.

Oh how my Soul doth hunger, thirst and pine
After these Cates so precious, so divine!

She need not bring her Stool
As some unbidden Fool;
The Master of this Heavenly Feast
Invites and wooes her for his Guest:
Though Deaf and Lame, Forlorn and Blind,
Yet welcome here she’s sure to find,
So that she bring a Vestment for the day,
And her old tatter’d Rags throw quite away.

This is Bethsaida’s Pool
That can both cleanse and cool
Poor leprous and diseased souls,
An Angel here keeps and controls,
Descending gently from the Heavens above
To stir the waters; May He also move
My mind, and rocky heart so strike and rend,
That tears may thence gush out with them to blend.
Week Four: An Invitation to be Reconciled

Source: “A Sick Person’s Complaint” from Hymns and Poems, Original and
Translated by Edward Caswall. London: Burns, Oates & Co., 1873.

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