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Earth Prayer – Part 1

O Endless Creator, Force of Life, Seat of the Unconscious,Dharma, Atman, Ra, Qalb, Dear Center of our Love,Christlight, Yaweh, Allwa, Mawu,Mother of the Universe . . .  – Mark Nepo Starting August 13th, Santa Sabina Center is offering an online retreat with Mark Nepo.… Continue Reading “Earth Prayer – Part 1”

Really Look – Really Listen

“If there are mountains, I look at the mountains; On rainy days I listen to the rain. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Tomorrow too will be good. Tonight too will be good.” Santoka Taneda To learn about and/or register for Santa Sabina Center online retreats… Continue Reading “Really Look – Really Listen”

Fluent Like a River

FLUENT    I would love to liveLike a river flows,Carried by the surpriseOf its own unfolding. – John O’Donohue Santa Sabina Center will offer an Online series entitled, “Doorways to the Sacred.” To learn more and/or register for our online retreats and offerings, please… Continue Reading “Fluent Like a River”

What Road Do You Walk?

The Great Way has no gate;There are a thousand different roads.If you pass through this barrier once,You will walk independently in the universe.– Mumon Kai To learn about Santa Sabina Center’s online retreats and offerings, please go to: http://www.santasabinacenter.org/retreats-page

Plant a Tree

Shall oil burn the sky? Or can human wisdom like a saplinggrow taller, greener, more generous? How can we know what lies ahead? Plant a tree, and see. – Kim Stafford, from “2519” Starting on February 11, 2021, Santa Sabina Center’s will offer an Online Writing Retreat… Continue Reading “Plant a Tree”

The Fruit of a Gentle Life

. . . a life of kind words and gentle gestures, planting seeds and seeking peace—where could that lead?  – Kim Stafford, from “Connect the Dots” Starting on February 11, 2021, Santa Sabina Center’s will offer an Online Writing Retreat with Kim Stafford: “Speak Beauty to… Continue Reading “The Fruit of a Gentle Life”

Hello, Sun in my Face!

Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields…Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness. – Mary Oliver To learn more and/or register for Santa Sabina Center online retreats and offerings, please go… Continue Reading “Hello, Sun in my Face!”

The End Is Where We Start

What we call the beginning is often the endAnd to make an end is to make a beginning.The end is where we start from. – T. S. Eliot, “Little Gidding,” Four Quartets Starting today, January 12, 2021, Santa Sabina Center offers an online series on… Continue Reading “The End Is Where We Start”

Darkness Reminds Us of Light

And we thank Thee that darkness reminds us of light.O Light Invisible, we give Thee thanks for Thy great glory! – T. S. Eliot, “Two Choruses from ‘The Rock,’” The Waste Land and Other Poems Starting on January 12, 2021, Santa Sabina Center’s will offer… Continue Reading “Darkness Reminds Us of Light”

O Light Invisible

O Light Invisible, we praise Thee!Too bright for mortal vision.O Greater Light, we praise Thee for the less;The eastern light our spires touch at morning,The light that slants upon our western doors at evening,The twilight over stagnant pools at batflight,Moon light and start light,… Continue Reading “O Light Invisible”