Today’s Easter Poem from Education for Justice is by Scott Cairns.


You know already that the breath
moves in and out in order to infuse
the heart with the air it craves;
as I have said, then recollect
your mind, and draw it—and yes,
I am speaking of your mind—
as if you drew it in
through your very nostrils.
Attend to its descent, as it finds
the path to reach the heart. Drive it then,
and force it downward with the very
air you breathe to enter with a rush into
that famished, pulsing chamber.

When it arrives, you will taste
the joy that follows. You’ll have nothing
to regret. Just as a man who has been far
from home a long time cannot restrain
his delight at seeing his wife and children—
just so, the spirit overflows with joy
and with unspeakable delight when it is
once more united with the soul.

Source: Love’s Immensity: Mystics on the Endless Life, by
Scott Cairns. Brewster, MA:Paraclete Press, 2007. p. 91

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