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The Ledge of Light

The Ledge of Light by Jessica Powers I have climbed up out of a narrow darkness on to a ledge of light. I am of God; I was not made for night. Here there is room to lift my arms and sing. Oh, God… Continue Reading “The Ledge of Light”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

Here we are on December 1st: the first day of Advent and 24 days till Christmas. If you saw any postings here during Lent, you would have seen some poetry that I found on the educationfor justice.org website. There is a similar collection entitled… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light”


Today’s Easter Poem from Education for Justice is by Scott Cairns. Reunion You know already that the breath moves in and out in order to infuse the heart with the air it craves; as I have said, then recollect your mind, and draw it—and… Continue Reading “Reunion”

Prayer: A Progression

Today’s Lenten poem from Education for Justice is by Jessica Powers (who was a Carmelite nun). Prayer: A Progression You came by night, harsh with the need of grace, into the dubious presence of your Maker. You combed a small and pre-elected acre for… Continue Reading “Prayer: A Progression”