A Dominican Mystic’s Prayer

Thank you!!
Thank you!!

I’ve shared this prayer from the Dominican mystic, Meister Eckhart, before. And it bears repeating.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

4 Comments on “A Dominican Mystic’s Prayer

  1. I believe everything happens for a reason- I did not even read your blog until you commented on mine. I just like your byline opreach! After reading your stuff, I am happy I followed you- it is like a present I just opened! I am catholic but have never felt welcomed by the church even though my mom was very influential part of her parish and very involved. I have been dismissed as too liberal for my parish by the very conservative even though I continue to participate in retreats and go to church. I have studied Anthony de mello, Thomas Merton and am a product of boston college Jesuit education so I know that there is a lot of good in the faith despite the dogmatic tendencies- Jesus was about love and service to others – if I emulate him then I walk a beautiful path. I just wanted to say thank you for reaching out to me. It was very kind words shared and I do appreciate it especially at a time in my life where I am finding my way anew! God bless and happy thanksgiving!

  2. Oh Meg! What a lovely comment, and it brings tears to my eyes. I am glad that your training, albeit from the Jesuits 😉 . (there’s always been an ongoing “conversation”) has taught you to persevere. It is, after all, your faith. You have made it your own, no matter what you have encountered. And I am sorry that you have encountered such dogmatism.

    We know that Jesus never spoke about dogma. He never spoke about the tenets of faith. He never really spoke much about “morality” in the way the church so often does (eg., sex). He did talk about the vulnerable, the poor, the immigrant, the widow, the underserved, the “other” . . . And he taught us to love no matter what others believed or did.

    Lately, I have a bit more hope because of Pope Francis. No, I don’t have any hope that he will ordain women like your wonderful mother as priests. But I have hope in this human being who has grasped the essence of the Gospel (he is, after all, a Jesuit) and stand for the same people for whom Jesus stood.

    That is not to say that the popes who preceded him did not also stand for these same principles. But somehow it’s his emPHAsis on the syLAble that is making a difference in our experience.

    Just today I read an article in NCR that I would point you to. Here are a couple of lines:

    “Francis criticizes forces within the church who seem to lust for “veritable witch hunts,” asking rhetorically, “Whom are we going to evangelize if this is the way we act?”

    He cautions against “ostentatious preoccupation” for liturgy and doctrine as opposed to ensuring that the Gospel has “a real impact” on people and engages “the concrete needs of the present time.”

    Here is the link: http://ncronline.org/news/theology/evangelii-gaudium-amounts-francis-i-have-dream-speech.

    Please do stay in touch, Meg. I am happy to give you my email and phone number if you would like. Be assured of my prayers for you and your intentions.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Pat

  3. Do you have a source for this quote from Eckhart? He’s awfully quotable, but this attribution seems to be mostly just tradition.

    • Sorry to say, Elliott, that u don’t have a source. It seems to be widely accepted as to be Eckart’s words – and by Dominicans. I’ve not understood that to be disputed. There are many writings of his that I have not seen. Should I happen upon the source, I will post it here. Thanks, Pat

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