Weekly Photo Challenge: One

We know them as Three Wise Men, and one thing brought them together over the miles of rough terrain. May our hearts also be One. This is the only way we will find peace.
What star will you follow?
What star will you follow?
A Story of Some Truly Wise Men
By Christine Rodgers
These three
in their own hearts
the narrow
of their kingdoms,
the mighty
that would
lead them
to their greatest challenge.
They hurried
then —
from each
of their sovereign corners,
and found themselves
in the doorway
of a stable
gazing upon
an infant
only a few days old
as they bent
in adoration
with those already gathered.
There was no other choice –
the majesty
of the world
was before them.

3 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

    • Thank you for sharing this with me, Delana. Keep up the poetry – what a great way to pray and to share your heart. Blessings of Christmas to you. Pat 🙂

      I tried to comment on your post, but wasn’t able to for some odd reason. Try to figure out computers!! ;-0

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