Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

On the outside, our lives may look great. But what is it that is going on inside? Is there unforgiveness that is brewing? Remember this: our unforgiveness doesn’t hurt the one we won’t forgive – especially in those situations when it is a person that is not actively a part of our life anymore. But that spirit definitely hurts us. We may find ourselves stewing about whatever it was that “so and so” said or did, while “so and so” is oblivious to the fact that we are having such thoughts. So, our stewing only makes our shoulders tense and our chests tighten.

This Saturday, let our Lenten fast be from resentments or bitterness.  Forgive others who have hurt your instead. Let go.

Forgiveness can free us to truly fly
Forgiveness can free us to truly fly

2 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

    • And so hard to remember when we’re savoring the feeling of nursing a grudge! Thanks and have a great weekend with lightness of being! 😉

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