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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

On the outside, our lives may look great. But what is it that is going on inside? Is there unforgiveness that is brewing? Remember this: our unforgiveness doesn’t hurt the one we won’t forgive – especially in those situations when it is a person… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside”

Fasting from Self-Concern

Today’s Lenten fast can be from too much self-concern.  Instead, consider the experience and burdens of others, and “walk a mile in their moccasins.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

An excellent practice for Lent would be to gain perspective. As Henry David Thoreau said, It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Fasting from Feeling Overwhelmed

Fast from the problems that overwhelm your life and weigh you down.  Ask God for help, and be present to someone else who is struggling.

Fasting from Lethargy

How about if this day in Lent we fast from lethargy.  Focus on what gives you enthusiasm for life.

Fasting from Fear

Jesus was always telling his disciples, “Fear not.” So let’s fast from anxiety, fear and worry.  God’s goodness permeates our lives. So let us trust in the goodness of the Divine. What a great Lenten practice!

Fasting from Discouragement

On this First Sunday in Lent, let’s fast from discouragement, and trust that the good that we do matters.

Fast from Negativity

This Saturday in Lent is a good day to fast from pessimism, and negativity.  Be hopeful in your outlook on life.

Fasting from Division

On this Thursday, let us fast from division.  Instead, we can strive to seek for unity of heart and spirit.