A Christian Earth-Conscious Spirituality

All the delegates have gone home from the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris. And our Earth and all her inhabitants await our action.

                                                                                             Does my spirituality include the fuchsia?

I am interested in how such a [Christian] spirituality can motivate us to a more passionate concern for the protection of our world.

– Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ 216


3 Comments on “A Christian Earth-Conscious Spirituality

  1. God presented us with planet earth in all its
    pristine beauty. Justice and love demand that
    we refrain from causing it harm. Just as we
    care for a loved one and refrain from causing
    pain, so it is that to desecrate God’s gift to us
    paints a picture of indifference and unconcern.
    With indifference and neglect, earth will no longer
    resemble the pristine gift we have been given.
    As Christians, we are called to love all
    that is good and beautiful, and by definition,
    that must include our earth. Christian values
    demand that we nurture and respect this gift,
    freely given to us by a loving Creator.

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