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A Christian Earth-Conscious Spirituality

All the delegates have gone home from the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris. And our Earth and all her inhabitants await our action. I am interested in how such a [Christian] spirituality can motivate us to a more passionate concern for the protection of… Continue Reading “A Christian Earth-Conscious Spirituality”

As Christmas Approaches, Let Us Be Attentive and Aware

I have enjoyed the writings of Edward Hays for many years. For today’s Advent reflection I have chosen a quote of his from A Pilgrim’s Almanac. Take time to be aware that in the very midst of or busy preparations for the celebration of… Continue Reading “As Christmas Approaches, Let Us Be Attentive and Aware”

Come and Rest

From today’s Gospel reading: Jesus said to them, “Some away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest for a while.” This particular resting place can be found at Presentation Center in Los Gatos.

Here I Am, Your Servant Is Listening

Our Scripture readings continue with the theme of call. Yesterday’s was the calling of Jesus’ disciples, and today, in the First Book of Samuel, we read about the calling of the prophet Samuel. Then Eli [the prophet] understood that God was calling the youth.… Continue Reading “Here I Am, Your Servant Is Listening”

What Is My Fishing Practice? Am I Faithful to My Spiritual Practice?

  This morning (the Feast of St. Andrew) during our morning prayer, Sister Millie reflected on the Gospel reading. She talked about those who fish, and how sensitive they become to the movement of the water – the movement of the fish – the… Continue Reading “What Is My Fishing Practice? Am I Faithful to My Spiritual Practice?”

In Awe of the Simple Gifts of LIfe

The following is the closing prayer from Vespers for this evening. O gracious God, open our hearts and our eyes to the wonders of your presence among us. May we see the signs of your beauty within and about us and ever be in… Continue Reading “In Awe of the Simple Gifts of LIfe”

Contemplation of Creation

¬† . . . their answer was their beauty. ¬†From today’s reading in the Psalter I asked the earth, the sea and the deeps, heaven, the sun, the moon and the stars….My questioning of them was my contemplation , and their answer was their… Continue Reading “Contemplation of Creation”

Wisdom from Gertrude the Great

This morning’s reading (below) from the Psalter was from Spiritual Exercises by Gertrud the Great of Helfta. “My God, you are my hope; you the glory; you the joy; you my blessedness. You are the thirst of my spirit; you the life of my… Continue Reading “Wisdom from Gertrude the Great”