Seeking Darkness to Scatter Light

Today is Palm Sunday. It is a day when we hear familiar readings about the Passion of Jesus – a story of his last days on earth – the days that led up to his crucifixion.  We understand that Jesus walked willingly into the darkness.

I recently came across a lovely poem by Dan Turner entitled, What Kind of God. The last line of the poem expresses well Christ’s mission.

My God . . . seeking darkness . . . to scatter Light.
                      To scatter Light.

May we remember, when we find ourselves in the midst of darkness, that we, too, are called to scatter Light.

Morning light breaking though to scatter the darkness
Morning light breaking though to scatter the darkness

3 Comments on “Seeking Darkness to Scatter Light

  1. Jesus willingly accepted God’s plan – the agony
    of crucifixion. Anticipating indescribable suffering,
    a pall of darkness covered the mind and spirit of
    Jesus. Only in accepting his mission did the
    suffering endured bring light and hope to all
    In accepting God’s plan, we, too, are often cast
    into darkness with anticipation of what
    acceptance will mean and how it might affect
    the selfish needs to which we have become
    accustomed. Only in casting aside self-interest and
    gratification will our spirit emerge from darkness
    into a place where service to others will not
    only lead us into light, but will also allow that
    light to shine into the lives of those we are called
    upon to serve.

    • I gave a talk this morning at the Zen Center on what does Palm Sunday have to do with Zen. I thought you might enjoy reading it. P

      • I would very much like to read your talk, and I hope
        you will send it to me. J

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