Wakening to Oneness – Finding the Divine

The great breakthrough in our current theological awareness, as a result of new scientific discoveries about our expanding universe, is that the Divine is found not only in the bliss of timeless, changeless, eternal being, but also in the ecstatic urgency of evolutionary becoming.

– Gail Worcelo, SGM

6 Comments on “Wakening to Oneness – Finding the Divine

  1. Pat . . . these photos and quotes are phenomenal; I resonate with them all, and of course am famliar with so many of my favorite thinkers/writers . . . .How do you ever do all this?????

    When will we be able to talk ??

    • I am so glad, Susannah! Just tell me when! We could meet . . . perhaps Meadowlands for lunch or something?

  2. Left a Comment on the Rilke quote. it got rejected for lack of proper passworwd??

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