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Dominican Saint Martin de Porres

Saint Marin de Porres was well known for healing. He, a mestizo, never forgot his heritage and tended to the needs of the poor indigenous people of Lima. Once, after having been scolded by his superior for bringing an injured man to his room in the priory, he replied:

Forgive my error, and please instruct me, for I did not know that the precept of obedience took precedence over that of charity.

Statue of St. Martin de Porres found in Caleruega, Spain

Statue of St. Martin de Porres found in Caleruega, Spain



The Feast of Catherine of Siena

Statue of Catherine in the village of Siena, Italy

Statue of Catherine in the village of Siena, Italy

Today is the Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena (Dominican Saint, born in 1347). She wrote, “Love transforms one into what one loves.” (Dialogue 60)


  • Into whom or what will we be transformed?
  • How would we like to be transformed?
  • What am I doing to “make it so”?

The Feast of the Guardian Angels

Tuesday, October 2nd is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. We can’t prove they are there, but I’m pretty sure that they have been around and kept me out of a scrap or two in my life. The picture below is from a fresco at San Domenico in Bologna. It shows the angels carrying the body of St. Dominic.

May the angels be with us “now and at the hour of our death.” Amen.

St. Dominic is often recognized by the star on his forehead.

The Feast of Saint Dominic

This statue of St. Dominic stands in the square of Caleruega, Spain, the place of Dominic’s birth.


We celebrate the Feast of Saint Dominic on August 8th.

Saint Dominic founded the Dominican Order 800 years ago:
the nuns in 1206, the friars in 1216. This allows us to celebrate our special anniversary for ten years.

You can find a brief biography of St. Dominic on our website at

Living in Harmony through Loving God

Today I share a few words from the Dominican scholar St. Thomas Aquinas.

How can we live in harmony?
First we need to know
we are all madly in love
with the same God.
~ St. Thomas Aquinas ~

An altar over the tomb of St. Thomas Aquinas in Toulouse, France

The Feast of St. Albert the Great

Today is the feast of a Dominican saint, St. Albert the Great. He was born sometime around the year 1200, and died in Cologne in 1280. His teachings that stretched the Church of his time to look beyond the confines of a Christian

Koln (Cologne) Cathedral

St. Albert the Great, though he never saw the completed cathedral in Cologne (completed 1880), he certainly saw its beginnings (circa 1248). Neither did he know that his scholarship and mentoring of Thomas Aquinas would guide the theology of the Church.

milieu for truth could stand us in good stead in these days when many proclaim that they have a corner on the truth. Albert and his famous student, St. Thomas Aquinas, found truth in the writings of Aristotle . . . found that they complemented Christian teaching. The Church named Albert a Doctor of the Church and a saint in 1931. We would do well to cultivate the willingness to listen and study the experience and beliefs of others before condemning them out of hand. We would also do well to cultivate the discipline to rigorous study that was demonstrated by St. Albert the Great, rather than taking the easy road of listening to what we want to believe, and taking that for truth.