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Joining Worthy Women – Reaching out their Hands to the Hungry

The first reading today, on the Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time talks about a worthy wife. Obviously sisters and nuns are not wives. And in the days that the Book of Proverbs there weren’t nuns or sisters, so our lives could not be imagined.… Continue Reading “Joining Worthy Women – Reaching out their Hands to the Hungry”

All Souls Day

Is there not a beautiful thought connected with prayer for the dead? Were it not sad to feel that when our loved ones pass away, they are wholly separated from us? Through prayer we may still hold communion with them; by the spirit of… Continue Reading “All Souls Day”

St. Teresa of Avila

Today is the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582). She was a Doctor of the Church, also a mystic and writer – and truly a practical, down-to-earth woman who saw into the heart of God, and truly made a difference in her world.… Continue Reading “St. Teresa of Avila”