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What to Remember When Waking

Today’s Lenten poem from Education for Justice is by David Whyte. What to Remember When Waking In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake, coming back to this life from the other, more secret, movable and frighteningly honest world where everything began,… Continue Reading “What to Remember When Waking”

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas . . .

When the song of the angels is stilled, when the star in the sky is gone, when the kings and princes are home, when the shepherds are back with the flocks, then the work of Christmas begins: to find the lost, to heal those… Continue Reading “On the Eleventh Day of Christmas . . .”

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

Dear God, this past year has been filled with great challenges. Fear and insecurity are our companions day and night. We pray that you shelter us beneath the shadow of your wings and protect us from all harm. Remove the evil forces that surround us and spread over us… Continue Reading “On the Eighth Day of Christmas”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I love today’s Advent reading from The Song of Songs – Song of Songs 2:18-14. And certainly the sight of a young stag peering through the window would evoke delight and surprise. May your Christmas days – all twelve of them – be filled… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise”

O Key of David, Come!

This week of Advent is the week of the O Antiphons. Today’s O Antiphon is: Alleluia, Alleluia. O Key of David, Opening the gates of God’s Eternal Kingdom: Come and free the Prisoners of darkness! Alleluia, Alleluia. To learn more about them, please read… Continue Reading “O Key of David, Come!”

Advent – The Season of Hope

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Baruch, who lived at the time of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. A time of great mourning and sadness for the Hebrew people. And yet the prophet says to them: Take off the garment of your… Continue Reading “Advent – The Season of Hope”