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On the Fifth Day of Christmas

What i When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and princes are home, When the shepherds are back with their flock, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, To heal… Continue Reading “On the Fifth Day of Christmas”

On the Second Day of Christmas

Not Celebrate? Not celebrate?Your burden is too great to bear? Your loneliness is intensified during this Christmas season? Your tears have no end? Not celebrate? You should lead the celebration! You should run through the streets to ring the bells and sing the loudest!… Continue Reading “On the Second Day of Christmas”

The Journey of the Magi

I love this poem by T.S. Elliot, and so I quote it in its entirety, even though it is a bit lengthy. This is the last of the poems from the Education of Justice website. I do hope you have enjoyed them! The Journey… Continue Reading “The Journey of the Magi”

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

We know them as Three Wise Men, and one thing brought them together over the miles of rough terrain. May our hearts also be One. This is the only way we will find peace. A Story of Some Truly Wise Men By Christine Rodgers… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: One”

Are We Ready? It’s Almost Here!

Birthing By Mark Unbehagen How does one birth peace. . . in a world that seems to prefer the profits of war? How can one birth hope. . . in a time when devastation is born of poverty and pandemic? How does one birth… Continue Reading “Are We Ready? It’s Almost Here!”

The Ledge of Light

The Ledge of Light by Jessica Powers I have climbed up out of a narrow darkness on to a ledge of light. I am of God; I was not made for night. Here there is room to lift my arms and sing. Oh, God… Continue Reading “The Ledge of Light”


Presence by Stephen Leake Across the dark, a robin learns the Winter. A candle dissolves; frank and sensuous Against the extending light. The streets remain illegible with snow. I travel through you; uncurling Where weather decorates the night And naves of Christmas pines Grasp… Continue Reading “Presence”

May Christmas Come

May Christmas Come by Alan Jones The rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem, still waits to come to term. Christmas comes and goes as we expect. Nothing changes. This year in New York, Jerusalem and Kabul, the Innocents are slaughtered according to Herod’s schedule. His… Continue Reading “May Christmas Come”

The Second Coming

This poem by Yeats is very dark indeed. Yeats lived from 1865 to 1939 – some of those days must have seemed apocalyptic to many. In spite of the problems in our world, though, we continue to live in hope. Advent is the time… Continue Reading “The Second Coming”

The Christmas Tapestry

The Christmas Tapestry By Michael Hare Duke The humdrum duties of the land, feeding the beasts, mucking out the straw provide the dull hessian background of the Christmas scene. Suddenly the tapestry is lit by glory’s gold and smirched by red threads of violence.… Continue Reading “The Christmas Tapestry”